Ayurveda, “The science of life”, is one the oldest systems of medicine in the world. It has established its position around the globe as a unique health care system with a holistic solution to many complex health hazards. The flourish of the system has to be positively channeled to benefit the maximum people with minimum expense. It is a systematic approach that utilizes all that nature has to offer to treat and prevent illness. Moreover, concerns over side effects of synthetic drugs and a need for more humanistic management of illnesses have led majority of the people to move toward Ayurvedic systems of medicines. Ayurveda is receiving momentum as an effective alternative to the conventional system of medicine by virtue of its systematic approach to cure and prevent ailments using natural resources.

In this juncture, “Nature Care Nepal” came into existence. The two pillars for “Nature Care Nepal” are its focus on research and quality of health services. Our focus is on stringent quality control parameters and standardization of processes. It has a team of highly qualified and dedicated Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers constantly striving to make formulations of new techniques for better use of Ayurvedic products for the benefit of human beings.

I express my deep sense of anticipation of working together with all the like-minded organizations of Ayurveda and related sciences to bring back the glory and the trust into the nation’s most holistic life science, i.e. Ayurveda through Nature Care Nepal .
As its purpose and goals are marvelous and praise worthy, I wish everybody the best of health and a feeling of wellness.

Nature Care Hospital Pvt.Ltd.
Kathmandu, Nepal