Acupuncture is a unique classical therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine that treats pain and illness using special thin needles, inserted into the skin in particular points of the body. This method of treatment believes and follows the well-known Chinese Ying Yang theory where Ying represents (-ve) and Yang represents (+ve). It has been practiced for years now and has successfully treated and cured variety of diseases.
1. Musculoskeletal disorders: All types of joint pain, Sprain, Strain, Lumbago etc.
2. Neurological disorders: Quadriplegia, Hemiplegia, Monoplegia, Facial paralysis, Migraine, Ch. Headache, Sciatica, PIVD. Peripheral Neuropathy etc.
3. Respiratory diseases: COPD, Asthma, Sinusitis etc.
4. Genito urinary diseases: Chronic Retention of urine, UTI
5. Digestive disorders: Gastritis, Constipation
6. Reproductive Diseases: Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea
Here we provide services from an experienced doctor and under his supervision from well trained assistant. Along with acupuncture, we also have acupressure, moxibustion and cupping services. Acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with heat produced by burning specific herbs which is called moxibustion whereas Acupressure is the non-invasive method of massage therapy given at the special points of the body. Cupping utilizes the concept of suction, creates a vaccum effect which in turn stimulates the blood flow to that area and aids in loosening tight muscles.
Special here is acupoint/acutressure. It is a pocket sized Acupuncture instrument which incorporates acupressure therapy, magnetic therapy and electric pulse therapy. When pressure is applied on the acupoints, the focused magnetic cluster will function through the skin upon the acupoints in the form of invisible needles, thus cleansing and activating the channels, promoting circulation and adjusting disturbance in bio electric field and magnetic field to prevent diseases and achieve health care effect.